New Taxa of Araceae from Cabo Corrlentes in Choco Department of Colombia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:Croat, T. B., Mora M. M.
Journal:Aroideana; Journal of the International Aroid Society
Start Page:90

New species of Araceae are described from the Estacion Biological El Amargal and vicinity on Cabo Corrientes in Choco Department of Colombia. These are Anthurium acutibacca Croat & M. Mora, A. amargalense Croat & M. Mora, A. arusiense Croat & M. Mora, A. debilis Croat & Bay, A. eminens Schott, ssp. longispadix, Croat & M. Mora, A. galeanoae Croat & M. Mora, A. grandicataphyllum Croat & M. Mora, A. morae Croat, A. pallidicaudex Croat & M. Mora, A. promininerve Croat & M. Mora, A. variilobum Croat & M. Mora, Monstera amargalensis Croat & M. Mora, Philodendron amargalense Croat & M. Mora, P. laticiferum Croat & M. Mora, P. longipedunculatum, Croat & M. Mora, P. roseocataphyllum Croat & M. Mora, Rhodospatha monsalvae Croat & Bay and Xanthosoma daguense Engl. var. amargalense Croat & M. Mora.

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