New species of Araceae from Ecuador

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Croat, T. B., Joyce, M., Kostelac C. V.
Journal:Willdenowia. Mitteilungen aus dem Botanischen Garten und Museum Berlin-Dahlem. Berlin-Dahlem
Start Page:331
Keywords:Andes, Anthurium, aroids, Philodendron, taxonomy

Eight species from Ecuador are described as new to science, Anthurium boekei, A. caldodsonii, A. kajekai, A. lynniae, A. mendietae, A. quinindense, A. werneri and Philodendron misahualiense. Four of these, A. boekei, A. caldodsonii, A. lynniae and A. quinindense, are from the western slopes of the Andes, while the remainder are from the eastern slopes.

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Field work by the first author and by other botanists during the past two decades in Ecuador has greatly increased the amount of material of Araceae available for studies. In preparation for the Araceae treatment for the Flora of Ecuador project, many new species have been discovered. Most of the exploration in the past 15 years has been carried out by botanists from the Missouri Botanical Garden, but several European institutions, notably Aarhus University in Denmark, have also collected throughout Ecuador. In addition, German botanists, working in several field stations in the country, have made important new discoveries. With the assistance of volunteer researchers at the Missouri Botanical Garden, some of these new species have been described and are published in the present contribution. Classification of the forest vegetation in the habitat notes of the new species follows Holdridge & al. (1971).

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