Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:Manudev, K. M., Nampy S.
Journal:Edinburgh Journal of Botany. Edinburgh
Start Page:269
Keywords:Arisaema attenuatum, Arisaema madhuanum, India, sect. Sinarisaema, southern Western Ghats

Arisaema madhuanum , a new species of Araceae from the southern Western Ghats, is described and illustrated. The new species is morphologically allied to Arisaema attenuatum , from which it differs in having subulate neuters on the male spadix, a wide-mouthed spathe tube with the margins dilated into broad auricular extensions, and an erect to arching, oblong-lanceolate spathe limb with a narrow constricted basal region. The new taxon belongs to Arisaema sect. Sinarisaema Nakai.

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The genus Arisaema Mart. (Araceae) with about 200 taxa (Govaerts et al. , 2014 ) is distributed from northeastern Africa through tropical, subtropical and warm-temperate East Asia to North America. Karthikeyan et al. ( 1989 ) listed 44 species and nine varieties in India. Since then a few more taxa have been described from India (Yadav et al. , 1993 , 1997 ; Thiyagaraj & Daniel, 1999 ; Gusman, 2003 , 2006 ; Tetali et al. , 2004; Sardesai et al. , 2006 ; Punekar & Kumaran, 2009 ) bringing the total number to 48 species, one subspecies, and 12 varieties including the new species described here. As part of a revision of Arisaema in India, the authors have made extensive surveys in different localities over the past three years. During a recent trip to Oosimala Top in Valparai, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, we came across an interesting specimen of this genus in evergreen forests higher than 1300 m above sea level. Following consultation of the relevant literature and a detailed study, the specimen was identified as a new species, which is here described and illustrated.

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