Hapaline appendiculata (Araceae: Caladieae) Rediscovered

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Boyce, P. C., Kisai, J. Ak, Tisai J. Ak
Journal:Gardens' Bulletin. Singapore
Start Page:13

Hapaline appendiculata Ridl., a species endemic to Sarawak, Borneo, and hitherto known from only three collections, has recently been recollected. An expanded description for the species, first ever published field photographs and a key to Hapaline in Borneo is presented.

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Recent and on-going fieldwork in Sarawak continues to reveal a wealth of novel aroid species and has led to the rediscovery of numerous others known from fewer than five collections. One such recent discovery was that of Hapaline appendiculata Ridl., an aroid known from just three previous collections, all fragmentary, and thus seemingly representing one of the rarest aroids in Borneo.

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