Josef Bogner

Josef Bogner (1939-2020) was the most important taxonomist and horticulturist of the Araceae since A. Engler (1844-1930). His work will always be associated with the Munich Botanical Garden where he worked for most of his career, and where (at its earlier site) A. Engler made his radical new classification of the Araceae in the 1870s. Josef also authored the more recent and also radical new classification of The Genera of Araceae (1997), with his friends and colleagues Simon Mayo and Peter Boyce. Josef was also the only Aroid taxonomist of note who mastered and contributed substantially to the palaeobotany of the Araceae, and showed it to be a crucially important part of the history of flowering plants.

See further information at the Munich Botanical Garden website and the International Aroid Society website.

On this page we present obituaries and his list of publications.

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