A New Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from Loreto, Northern Peru

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Croat, T. B., Scherberich, D., Ferry G.
Journal:Aroideana; Journal of the International Aroid Society
Start Page:86
Keywords:Anthurium barrieri, Araceae, Peru

Anthurium barrieri, a new species of section Leptanthurium is described as new. The species, closely related to A. gracile (Rudge) Schott, is only the second species described for section Leptanthurium. It is distinguished from A. gracile by its erect inflorescences, yellowish spadices with more flowers per spiral, larger lobed flowers, proportionately broader leaf blades and sulcate petioles.

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