Rediscovery Of Cryptocoryne consobrina, A Little-Known and Suspected-to-be-Extinct Species of Araceae of India

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:Sunil, C. N., Sivadasan M.
Start Page:142
Keywords:Araceae, Cryptocoryne, India, Kamataka, Kerala

Cryptocoryne consobrina Schott, which was hitherto suspected to have become extinct has been rediscovered from Kamataka State in India. Earlier, specimens collected from Malappuram district in Kerala and Uttar Kannada district in Kamataka were misidentified as C. consobrina and were later recognized as a new species viz., Cryptocoryne sivadasanii Bogner. Cryptocoryne consobrina resembles C. sivadasanii Bogner but is quite distinct in several unique characters. A detailed description and photographs of this little known species are provided.

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