New Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from the Peruvian Andes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Lingán, J., Croat T. B.
Journal:Rodriguesia; Revista do Instituto de Biologia Vegetal, Jardim Botanico e Estaçao Biologica do Itatiaya
Start Page:43
Keywords:Andes, Anthurium, new species, Peru

(New species of Anthurium (Araceae) from the Peruvian Andes) Five new species of Anthurium are described from Peru: Anthurium chinchipense Croat & Lingán, A. hamiltonii Croat & Lingán, A. magdae Croat & Lingán, A. mariae Croat & Lingán, and A. piurensis Croat & Lingán.

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This is one of several anticipated papers dealing with Peruvian Araceae. The authors have embarked on the preparation of an updated checklist of the Peruvian Araceae since the checklist published in 1993 by Lois Brako and Jim Zarucchi (Croat 1993) is already out of date and many more new species are yet to be described. Among the areas yet to be reported on is Oxapampa which is currently the focus of investigations by Rodolfo Vásquez (Missouri Botanical Garden) and his Peruvian colleagues. The senior author has made a thorough revision of the Araceae of the Oxapampa region and has discovered a number of new species of Araceae. During a recent two month long research trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden we were able to separate and determine many previously undetermined plants and some of these proved to be undescribed, including those reported in this manuscript.

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