Two new species of Araceae tribe Spathicarpeae from Bolivia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Hetterscheid, W. L. A., Ibisch, P. L., Goncalves E. G.
Journal:Brittonia; a Series of Botanical Papers. New York, NY
Start Page:37
Keywords:Araceae, Bolivia, geophytes, Gorgonidium, Spathantheum, Spathicarpeae

The tribe Spathicarpeae is one of the most poorly known-tribes in the Araceae. Recently, field collections in some areas of Bolivia have revealed many interesting members of this tribe. Two new species, Gorgonidium striatum Hett., P. L. Ibisch & E. G. Gonç. and Spathantheum fallax Hett., P L. Ibisch & E. G. Gonç. are here described, illustrated, and compared to their closest relatives.

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