New Endemic Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from Río Huallaga, Peru

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:Croat, T. B., Chávez J. Lingán
Start Page:146
Date Published:05/2008

Ten new species of Anthurium (Araceae) are described from Amazonian Peru. Nine of the species, A. carpishense Croat, A. cerrateae Croat & Lingan, A. debilipeltatum Croat, A. josei Croat, A. linganii Croat, A. longissimilobum Croat, A. pradoense Croat, A. puberulum Croat & Lingan, and A. timplowmanii Croat, are from a single area of high endemism in the southern Huallaga River Valley of Huanuco Department near Tingo Maria, and the area between Tingo Maria and La Divisora; and one species, A. pulcachense Croat, is endemic to an area in the middle Rio Huallaga valley in San Martin, Peru.

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The aroid flora of Peru is still poorly known despite the publication of the Araceae for the Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms of Peru (Croat, 1993). Though not a thorough revision of the species occurring in Peru, this list took into account all species of plants described for Peru, as well as all described species represented only by herbarium specimens, which were verified by experts for each family. The checklist contained 210 species of Araceae for Peru, but it did not include any unpublished names and many species remained to be described. In most modern taxonomic revisions of groups of Neotropical Araceae, increase in the aroid flora is not unusual. It is expected that any thorough study of Peru will probably bring the total number of Araceae closer to 300 species or more. An IUCN Red List category is listed with each species (IUCN Red List, < >).

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