Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo XXXX: Schismatoglottis petradoxa and S. tseui, new shale-obligate rheophytes of uncertain affinity

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:Wong, S. Yeng, Boyce P. Charles
Journal:Aroideana; Journal of the International Aroid Society
Start Page:16
Keywords:Araceae, Malaysian Borneo, Schismatoglottis

Two taxonomically new rheophytic species of Schismatoglottis of uncertain affinity, S. petradoxa S. Y. Wong & P. C. Boyce sp. nov. and S. tseui S. Y. Wong & P. C. Boyce sp. nov., are described and illustrated from forested shale waterfalls in central North Borneo.

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