A new species of Anthurium Schott (Araceae) in a seasonal semideciduous forest in Espírito Santo State, Brazil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:Valadares, R. T., Sakuragui C. M.
Keywords:Atlantic Rain Forest, conservation, flora, fragmentation

Abstract The state of Espírito Santo is located in Southeastern Brazil and occupies 45,597 km² within the Atlantic Forest domain. The flora of the state is still in progress, and families such as the Araceae represent groups that have not yet been representatively sampled. Sampling efforts in the Southern areas of the state revealed the existence of a new species of Anthurium, related to A. cleistanthum, A. truncatum and A. molle. Here, we describe and illustrate this species and present a comparative analysis with the most similar species. To date, the species is known only from the type locality, occurring in forests that cover limestone outcrops.

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