Philodendron lupinum - A New species of Araceae from Northwestern Brazil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:Goncalves, E. G., de Carvalho J. Barros
Journal:Aroideana; Journal of the International Aroid Society
Start Page:85
Keywords:Acre, Araceae, Impolita, Philodendron

A new species of Philodendron (P. lupinum) is described from Acre state, Brazil. It seems to be closer to the species of subgenus Philodendron section Philodendron series Impolita Croat (P. hebetatum, P. strictum and P. thalassicum), but differs from these species by the conspicuously panduriform anterior division and for the presence of fewer ovules per locule. This new species is so far known only from
the type locality.

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