A new species and two new combinations for the tribe Spathicarpeae (Araceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Gonçalves, E. G.
Start Page:22
Keywords:Araceae, Asterostigma reticulatum, Gorgonidium cardenesianum., Gorgonidium intermedium, Spathicarpeae

A new species of Asterostigma (A. reticulatum E. G. Gonc ) from Southern Brazil is described and illustrated. Two new Andean combinations are also presented. Spathantheum intermedium Bogner and Taccarum cardenasianum Bogner are transferred to the genus Gorgonidium as G. intermedium (Bogner) E. G. Gonc. and G. cardenasianum (Bogner) E. G. Gonc. respectively, and the arguments for both recombinations are presented.

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