Nomenclatural and Taxonomic Notes on Costa Rican Araceae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:Grayum, M. H.
Journal:Phytologia: An international journal to expedite plant systematic, phytogeographical and ecological publication
Start Page:30
Date Published:01/1997
Keywords:Anthurium. Homalomena, Araceae, Costa Rica, Monstera, Spathiphyllum, Stenospennation, Syngonium, systematics, Xanthosoma

Twelve new species and two new subspecies of Araceae are described from Costa Rica: Anthurium clidemioides Stand!, subsp. pacificum Croat & Grayum, A. limonense Grayum, A. obtusum (Engl.) Grayum subsp. puntarenense Grayum, Homalomena hammelii Croat & Grayum, Monstera buseyi Croat & Grayum, M. filamentosa Croat & Grayum, M. glaucescens Croat & Grayum, M. lentii Croat & Grayum, M. molinae Grayum, Stenospermation majus Grayum, Stenospermation pteropus Grayum, Syngonium castroi Grayum, Syngonium rayi Croat & Grayum, and Xanthosoma dealbatum Grayum. Anthurium trinerve Miq. var. obtusum Engl, and Spathiphyllum wendlandii Schott subsp. montanum R.A. Baker are elevated to species rank as A. obtusum (Engl.) Grayum and S. montanum (R.A. Baker) Grayum, respectively. Monstera dilacerata (K. Koch & Sello) K. Koch, a well-known name (though never consistently applied to any particular species), is here relegated to synonymy under Epipremnum pinnatum (L.) Engl. Monstera pirmatipartita Schott, the oldest name attributable to any species previously known as M. dilacerata, is neotypified accordingly.

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Field study of Araceae in Costa Rica over the past two decades has revealed numerous new taxa. Although many of these have been described in previous revisionary or floristic papers, a miscellaneous assemblage remains unnamed. The imminent publication of certain regioual floristic works requires that these novelties be dealt with at the present time, together with several pertinent nomenclatural and typological problems.

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