New Aroid taxa from Brazil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:Gonçalves, E. G.
Start Page:16

Six new taxa of Brazilian Araceae are here described and illustrated (Philodendron nullinervium E.G.Gonç.; Philodendron tenuispadix E.G.Gonç.; Taccarum crassispathum E.G.E.G.Gonç.; Xanthosoma acutum E.G.Gonç., Xanthosoma rotundatum E.G.Gonç. and Xanthosoma pulchrum E.G.Gonç.). Along with them, a new name (Philodendron humile E.G.Gonç.) is proposed for Homalomena solimoense G.M.Barroso, since this has proved to be a species of Philodendron, and simply transferring the epithet as a new combination in Philodendron is likely to lead to confusion with the pre-existing name Philodendron solimoesense A.C. Smith.

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