Araceae of the Flora of Reserva La Planada, Narino Department, Colombia (Part 1)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:Croat, T. B., Huang, P., Lake, J., Kostelac C. V.
Journal:Aroideana; Journal of the International Aroid Society
Start Page:30
Keywords:Araceae, Colombia, La Planada, Narino Department, new species

The Flora of the La Planada Reserve located in the Narino Department, Colombia, contains 71 taxa of Araceae with 37 taxa
(including one variety), new to science: Anthurium benavidesae Croat, A. bernalii Croat, A. chucunesense Croat, A. gerherrerae Croat, A. gracilistipum Croat, A. herrerae Croat & P. Huang, A. keatingii Croat, A. lakei Croat & P. Huang, A. lancea Sodiro var. ecostatum Croat, A. melampyi Croat, A. nestorpazii Croat & P. Huang, A. pazii Croat, A. pendulispadix Croat, A. planadense Croat, A. protrudens Croat, A. restrepoae Croat, A. ricaurtense Croat, A.
Croat, Chlorospatha bogneri Croat & L. P. Hannon, C. planadensis Croat & L. P. Hannon, C. ricaurtensis Croat & L. P.
Hannon, Monstera planadensis Croat, Philodendron aurantispadix Croat, P. fibrosum Sodiro ex. Croat, P. narinoense Croat, P.
Croat, P. prominulinervium Croat, P. puhuangii Croat, P. verrucapetiolum Croat, Rhodospatha herrerae Croat & P.
Huang, Stenospermation benavidesae Croat, S. gentryi Croat, S. laevis Croat, S. longispadix Croat, S. olgae Croat, Xanthosoma
Croat & P. Huang. In addition, one species, Anthurium martae Croat & Castano Rubiano, has achieved new status by being
renamed and elevated to species status.

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